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  • Empowering Survivors of Domestic Violence

Transitional Housing Program

Our innovative Transitional Housing Program focuses on independent living. The program can accommodate individuals for up one year. Clients receive ongoing support while they attend degree programs or vocational training, and seek permanent employment and housing. The program is available to human trafficking victims, the recently incarcerated or those leaving a short-term domestic violence shelter.

This independent living program includes therapeutic counseling and case management services to help ensure success.

(631) 395-1800

Moving On Program

The Moving On Program is designed for at-risk women that teaches alternatives to criminal activity. The program is intended to be a flexible open-ended intervention to help women identify and mobilize personal and community resources. Servicing individuals in community corrections as well as institutional settings, the program encourages personal responsibility by enhancing motivation. Women are able to build healthy relationships and work on relaxation and stress management skills. They also learn how to expand their connections in society.


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