New Program Allows Domestic Violence Victims to Obtain Restraining Orders in Privacy

Credit: Shaye Weaver – East Hampton Press ©2014 When a victim of domestic violence decides to step away from her abuser, it is a bold move. After filing a detailed petition for an order of protection, she must wait to appear before a family court judge. So much time is spent preparing, and waiting, that the risk of the abuser discovering her plans is a real threat. Now, victims can fill out the necessary paperwork to get a restraining order … read more

Domestic Violence Victims and Advocates Benefit from New Technologies

The Retreat and Brighter Tomorrows piloting “Domestic Violence Advocate Assisted Petition Program” East Hampton, NY (January 22, 2014) – In what holds promise to be a “win-win-win” for victims of domestic violence, client-advocates in domestic violence service organizations, and courtroom personnel ranging from judges to clerks across Suffolk County, two major domestic violence organizations this month began trying out a new streamlined, more automated process for bringing petitions to court on behalf of victims of domestic violence seeking protections. “The … read more